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Since 2006, Drug Crafters has been a leader in compounding pharmacy.  We provide both sterile and non-sterile patient specific medications to providers, clinics, and patients nationwide.

Our extensive knowledge of the compounding landscape uniquely positions Drug Crafters to provide immediate support and the most current information to our customers.  Our experienced team of compounding pharmacists is always on hand to answer questions and share their knowledge.  We strive to be a resource to both our clinics and our patients

We utilize the most advanced technology and equipment while adhering to the stringent and comprehensive federal standards (USP 795/797/800) to ensure our compounded products exceed expectations.

All of our chemicals are obtained from only FDA-registered distributors. In addition, we use state-of-the-art equipment, the latest technology and we offer newly renovated lab certified to comply with the latest Federal USP 800 requirements.


Mission Statement

Drug Crafters is dedicated to improving the health and lives of our patients.  With a devotion to high-quality compounding and service excellence, we offer the same level of outstanding care patients expect from their primary healthcare provider. 

Precision Compounding

Drug Crafters achieves excellence and does not settle for mediocracy. Our standards are exemplary and our creative formulas drive positive outcomes. We operate a state-of-the-art clean room and have invested in specialized equipment. Our investment in the most modern technology has produced efficiency and industry leading turnaround times. We access numerous third-party experts to achieve best-in-class protocols.

High-Touch Patient and Customer Experience

Our pharmacy team works closely with customers and is always available to answer questions. This means our clinics are able to focus on growing their business knowing their patients are a priority and well served.

Robust and Comprehensive Portfolio

Although we operate as a high-touch boutique compounding pharmacy, we offer a wide array of medications across most specialties. Our passionate team of clinical pharmacists follows market trends so we can provide our partners working with patients the most current and safe formulations.

We are always researching new formulations.  If you have any suggestions or requirements, please contact us.