At Drug Crafters, we encourage a holistic approach to building and maintaining vibrant health for men. It is often easy to become focused on specific symptoms and lose sight of the complete picture when addressing health issues for men. Many troubling symptoms are often indications of more complex and serious health concerns. For example, erectile dysfunction can often be a result of cardiovascular conditions or even diabetes. The key to maximizing quality of life and minimizing the risks of aging is to proactively take charge of your health.

Starting around the age of 40, men experience a gradual decline in testosterone as a normal part of aging. This natural age-related decline of testosterone in men is called andropause. It occurs gradually over a period of 15-20 years and can lead to challenges in overall well-being. This phase in a man’s life can also be associated with other conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Over a period of years, suboptimal testosterone levels can increase a man’s risk of conditions such as muscle loss, osteoporosis, and heart disease to name a few. Hormone replacement therapy and supportive lifestyle changes can improve vitality and health for many men.

At Drug Crafters, we offer numerous options and resources for men interested in achieving and maintaining vibrant health. From our vast professional grade supplement selection to the variety of compounded formulations we can customize, we can help you achieve your health goals. These are some examples of products we provide to support men’s health.

  • Hormone replacement
  • Treatment options for erectile dysfunction
  • Skin care preparations
  • Fitness support
  • Hair loss formulations
  • Weight management formulations

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