Your pet is an important member of your family and you want your pet to receive the highest quality of veterinary care. However, the desired results can sometimes be hard to achieve when trying to administer medication to your pet. This is where we can help.

At Drug Crafters, we work closely with your pet’s veterinarian to customize individual medications to address the unique needs of your pet. Through veterinary compounding, our goal is to assist the veterinarian and pet owner in achieving positive therapeutic outcomes using customized medications. Below are some examples of the specialized services we offer for veterinary compounding:

  • Flavored medications: Some of our popular flavors for animals are grilled chicken, beef and triple fish
  • Alternate dosage forms: Ear gels, chewable treats and liquid formulations offer flexibility and convenience
  • Customized dosing to fit the needs of any size animal

Please Note: Medications compounded for animals are not intended for use in food and food-producing animals. A prescription from a licensed veterinarian is required for compounded animal medications.

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